Seminar "Features of the construction of nuclear power plants as a particularly dangerous and technically complex facility" in Cairo, Egypt


Seminar "Features of the construction of nuclear power plants as a particularly dangerous and technically complex facility" in Cairo, Egypt. 

The "Big Industrial Week" was held with the support of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia, in Egypt, Cairo, from 8, October to 10, 2019.

The topics of the forum were such areas as: engineering, transport engineering, machine tools and equipment, components for production, energy and oil and gas equipment, digital production and many others.

More than 100 exhibitors from more than 15 countries of Europe, Asia and America - representatives of major companies, as well as representatives of medium and small businesses demonstrated their products during the exhibition.

More than 200 Russian participants, professional visitors and buyers from North and Central Africa and the Middle East were invited: Egypt, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, Nigeria, Kenya, Morocco, Tunisia and others.

The event was held at the international exhibition center of Egypt (El-Moshir Tantawy Axis, New Cairo, Cairo, Egypt).

On October 9, ACCNI prepared and conducted a seminar on the topic: “Features of the construction of nuclear power plants as a particularly dangerous and technically complex facility.” As part of the seminar, leading experts and competent organizations in the field of construction of nuclear energy use objects, including nuclear power plants, prepared relevant reports.

The Director General of ACCNI Sergey Malinin made the first report. He told about the goals and objectives of ACCNI and about the Industrial methods of building a nuclear power plant.

Valery Zharikov, chief engineer of the Orgenergostroy Institute JSC, continued the seminar: with te report: “Experience in the construction of modern nuclear power plants of generation III”.

Murat Shokarov, Deputy Head of the Office of Foreign Objects at Nuclear Power Plants, LLC Corporation AK EKSM, spoke about the features of electrical work during the construction of nuclear facilities, including NPP.

Alexander Bambulevich, the head of the department for the implementation of foreign projects of UK Uralenergostroy LLC, told on the complex mechanization of the construction site during the construction of unique objects, and on the method of combined installation. Pavel Strunin, Deputy Commercial Director of Fensma LLC, made a report on the technology for solving geotechnical problems in the construction of nuclear facilities.

The representative of ALLVE Foreign Trade Company JSC Alexander Frolov made a report: “Non-standard methods for strengthening waterlogged soils at nuclear power plant construction sites”.

Presentations were made by representatives of Service-Gasification CJSC on the organization of the Customer’s technical supervision during the construction of nuclear facilities (the Customer’s construction control, automated personnel control at the construction site), and Skyeer on an IT platform for managing and controlling building objects based on geospatial data of Skyeer, as well as other organizations.

The ACCNI seminar was of interest not only to invited participants, but also to representatives of foreign organizations.

It should be noted the active participation of those present in the hall.

Many questions were asked about the participants' presentations, after the speech, a lively discussion and discussion of the reports took place in the hall.

The forum held several meetings on issues of interaction and cooperation:

- a meeting with the Korean company KEPCO E&C, where they discussed issues of expanding cooperation between the Russian and Korean sides;

- a meeting with representatives of ASE IC JSC on the implementation of the technical Customer’s work during the construction of the El-Dabaa NPP.

The seminar was fruitful. Speakers and invited guests agreed on the value of the information received.