Seminar: "Practical application of FIDIC contracts (Module 1)"


Seminar: "Practical application of FIDIC contracts (Module 1)"

On April 23 - 26, 2019, a seminar on the topic: “Practical application of FIDIC contracts (Module 1)”, organized by the National Association of Construction Consulting Engineers together with the Bulgarian Association of Architects and Consulting Engineers was held in Varna, Bulgaria. The seminar was attended by employees of the Association of organizations of the construction complex of the Nuclear Industry.

Gennady Stanislavovich Sakharov, Director of Capital Investments, State Construction Supervision and State Expertise, made a welcoming speech, in which he outlined the objectives of the seminar and noted the importance of using the practical application of FIDIC contacts and FAC -1 framework alliances.

The course was aimed at providing systematic and practical guidance for specialists involved in the development, conclusion and expert appraisal of contracts and agreements developed by the International Federation of Consulting Engineers (FIDIC).

The training was intended for representatives of contractors, developers, consulting engineers and architects, project managers and lawyers.

Daria Bahram, representative of the FAC-1 developer, researcher at King’s College of London, (Great Britain) highlighted the application of FAC-1 standards for creating alliances in the construction of capital construction projects and explained that the FAC-1 form is aimed to consolidate long-term relations, perspectives and provide a coordinated approach to the implementation of tasks, and it is also an additional form of dispute settlement.

The next speaker was Adriana Spassova, an FIDIC accredited trainer.

The main issues highlighted by Adriana Spassova became FIDIC contract documents, obligations of the main parties, project management, testing upon completion of construction, financial procedures, suspension of work and termination of the contract, risk, liability, insurance and force majeure, lawsuits, disputes and arbitration, examples, exercises and problems.

Adriana Spassova conducted a detailed analysis of the 3 most important FIDIC contracts of the 1999 edition, namely:

1. Red book "Conditions of contact for construction";

2. The yellow book "Terms of the contract for the supply of equipment, design and construction";

3. Silver book "Contact conditions for projects of EPS-type and turnkey projects.

FIDIC training was useful. Definitely, these forms of contractual relations will be successfully applied with foreign contractors and will provide an excellent perspective for successful construction.

As result of seminar, all participants received an international FIDIC certificate.